What is a CCTV Inspection?

If there's a problem with your chimney it can be extremely difficult to identify what exactly that problem is. A CCTV Inspection is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to do so. The high quality footage captured by the CCTV is used to accurately diagnose the issue and create a repairs solution. Using the latest in CCTV cameras and technology, S.H.L Chimney Specialists carry out chimneys surveys all across Cork. 

A CCTV Inspection or survey involves a CCTV camera being inserted into the chimney from the fireplace. Live feedback is viewed from a monitor which also records the footage. The camera allows for a complete and thorough inspection of the entire chimney and flue as it operated remotely and has the ability to tilt 180 degrees and pan 360 degrees. A CCTV survey can identify lots of problems such as breaches in the flue wall, blockages from poorly installed liners, birds nests, fallen debris or damage to the mid-feathers, heavy tarring and cracks or fractures.

When Do I Need a CCTV Inspection?

You should consider getting a CCTV Inspection for a number of reasons.

  • After a Chimney Fire
  • Moving into a new House
  • Changing you Fireplace
  • The Chimney has not been Used Regularly
  • Notice a Strong Smell of Smoke throughout the House
  • Cracks on the Chimney Breast
  • Smoke Marks on the Chimney Breast
  • Concerned that the Fireplace or Chimney was not Installed Correctly

What are the Benefits of  CCTV Survey?

A CCTV Inspection or Survey is the quickest and most accurate way of diagnosing chimney problems. Using the footage your chimney specialist can easily locate the source of the issue and create a plan of action to have it repaired. By identifying a problem early on it reduces the need for larger and more expensive repairs down the line. Footage from the inspection is recorded and can be given to insurance companies if required. There is also the added benefit of a clean chimney. A chimney must be swept and cleaned thoroughly before a CCTV inspection to ensure that soot does not affect the camera lens and that the bricks can be clearly seen in the recording. 

If you think that you need  CCTV survey then contact a member of the S.H.L Chimney Specialists team on 021 4842020 or at info@shl.ie. Our professional and experienced CCTV inspection service is available to customers throughout Cork. 

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