Why is your Chimney Leaking?

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home, providing warmth and cosiness on cold winter nights. Our fireplaces are effectively useless without a functioning chimney, which can be prevented by a number of chimney problems. The most common of these problems, especially with older chimneys, is leaking. There are several reasons why your chimney may have leaks which will require repairs from a professional such as S.H.L Chimney Specialists.

Missing Chimney Cap

The main reason for a leaking chimney is f there is no chimney cap, or cover, in place. Without a cap, rain and water will fall right down your chimney flue and extinguishes your roaring fire. A well-fitted chimney cap will not only stop the leaking but it will also prevent any animals from nesting in your chimney.

Cracked Crown

The cement part on top of you chimney is called the crown. Over time, this can crown can deteriorate or become damaged through adverse weather conditions. Small cracks in the crown will allow rain to seep into your chimney causing leaks. Crown-coating materials are available to seal these cracks. Severe damage, however, will require a removal and replacement of the crown.

Flashing Sealant Worn

Chimney flashing redirects water away from the base of the chimney, where it meets the roof. If this flashing sealant become worn or cracked then water will leak into chimney. This problem can be easily repaired by filling any gaps to ensure a watertight seal.

Chimney Repairs

S.H.L Chimney Specialists are an experienced and professional chimney services provider. We can repair and rectify all your chimney leaking issues. To find out more about our repairs visit our Chimney Services page.

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