Chimney Re-Lining

S.H.L. Chimney Specialists carry out a quality chimney relining service to restore your current liner or to repair the joints between liners. We work competently to guarantee the chimney has been correctly re-lined with little disturbance caused to the client. Our crew can quickly and successfully re-line all kinds of chimneys. We install high-quality liners to ensure that your chimney remains efficient and secure.

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Chimney Re-Building

S.H.L. Chimney Specialists are available for all kinds of chimney repairs and re-building. Our committed crew of accomplished tradesmen can repair all problems both interior and exterior regarding chimneys. A chimney’s brick work and plastering is susceptible to to cracking over time. As chimney repair experts, S.H.L. Chimney Specialists is perfectly suited to repair impaired chimneys. Our comprehensive inspection service efficiently recognises issues and repairs them in a rapid and skilled manner.

CCTV Chimney Inspections

S.H.L. Chimney Specialists have CCTV inspections that capture video of what’s happening inside a chimney. Our specialists guide our customers through this CCTV footage, identifying areas that need attention. Our CCTV camera inspection service recognises minor issues before they turn into larger problems that could affect the reliability of a building.

Chimney Repairs

There a many different reasons why you chimney may need repairs. Make sure to read our blog to stay up to date on all our chimney repairs and other chimney services. 

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